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Clinical Psychology Externship Training Program

Update as of November, 2018: We anticipate two externship positions in our Manhattan office, for the 2019-2020 application cycle.

The Center for Anxiety offers a one-year clinical psychology externship training program for doctoral students in psychology graduate school. Throughout the training year, externs provide individual outpatient psychotherapy, co-lead DBT skills groups, and conduct initial intake and diagnostic assessments using structured and semi-structured clinical interview methods. In addition, externs provide services within our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in collaboration with senior therapists.

On average each week, externs can expect to conduct 1-2 intake assessments, carry a caseload of 6-8 individual therapy patients, collaborate with senior clinicians in order to provide adjunctive therapy on 1-2 IOP cases, and co-lead a DBT skills group for adults or adolescents. To support these training activities, externs will receive at least 1 hour of individual supervision each week, 1 hour of group supervision, and will participate in a weekly clinical rounds meeting for all clinical staff to present, discuss, develop treatment plans and assign all new cases. Depending on scheduling and availability, externs may also have the ability to participate in weekly didactic seminars, case conferences, DBT consultation team meetings, and, in certain situations, ongoing research projects and outreach efforts.

Throughout the training year, there is an explicit focus on helping externs to build competency in evidence-based assessment and intervention (i.e., CBT/DBT). More broadly, externs develop key skills in clinical consultation, case presentation, professional collaboration, and in utilizing clinical data to inform case conceptualization, treatment planning, and intervention.

Externship Training for 2019-2020

The Center for Anxiety will have two available externship positions in our Manhattan office for the upcoming 2019-2020 training year.  Our externship program is a 12-month training opportunity, expected to begin in July of 2019 and continue through June of 2020. This externship is most appropriate for advanced level doctoral students (e.g., preferably 3rd or 4th year students) in clinical, counseling, school, or combined graduate psychology programs.  Eligible applicants must have prior experience with CBT, DBT and/or other empirically-supported treatments.

Externs are expected to be on site for approximately 20 hours each week, spread over 3 days per week (i.e., 1 full day and 2 partial days or 3 partial days).  Tuesdays from 3-4pm and one evening per week are required. Flexibility in scheduling will be determined by extern availability and clinic need.

Externs will be provided with a modest transportation stipend to help defray the cost of travel (50% of the total cost for a monthly MTA MetroCard). The Center for Anxiety will consider externship applicants who are concurrently applying for internship positions.

The Center for Anxiety follows PSYDNYS-NYNJADOT Externship Guidelines for applications, interviews, and notifications. As such, qualified applicants should upload and submit the following applications materials through the APA application portal:

  1. Cover letter
  2. CV
  3. Two letters of reference
  4. DCT letter of eligibility

In situations where students are not able to submit recommendation letters with the rest of their application materials through the APA portal, letters writers should email their letters of recommendation as an email attachment directly to Dr. Ariel Campbell at Please be sure that the subject line of the email as well as the title of the attachment both read LOR followed by the students first and last name (e.g., LOR John Doe).

Application materials will be accepted starting January 22, 2019 until 6pm (EST) on February 21, 2019. Interviews will be held on a rolling basis for approximately 3-4 weeks beginning in early February. Position offers will be extended beginning Monday, March 4th, 2019 in accordance with PSYDNYS-NYNJADOT Externship Guidelines.

Once applications have been reviewed, qualified applicants will be invited to interview with Dr. Campbell and one additional senior clinician in our Manhattan office. Interviews will be conducted on an individual basis and will be scheduled for 30 minutes each. Time permitting, externship candidates will have the opportunity to see our Manhattan clinic and meet with any staff members or trainees who are on site and available at the time of the interview.

Questions about the application process or requests for additional information about the Center for Anxiety’s externship program can be directed to Dr. Ariel Campbell at

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