Thanos Nioplias, MA Staff Clinician, Center for Anxiety, Manhattan & Brooklyn

Thanos Nioplias, MA

Thanos Nioplias, MA Staff Clinician, Center for Anxiety, Manhattan & BrooklynThanos Nioplias, LMHC (Manhattan office) is a licensed mental health counselor at the Center for Anxiety. Originally from Greece, where he is registered with the Association of Greek Psychologists, Thanos is a talented and well-liked clinician who provides evidence-based treatments to adults and adolescents suffering from anxiety, depressive, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, as well as psychotic disorders and severe/persistent mental distress. Thanos has extensive training and experience in using cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies (CBT and DBT), and he co-runs the Center for Anxiety’s comprehensive DBT programs for both adults and adolescents. Thanos has research interests in the counseling experiences of minority populations and he is an advocate for community social justice.

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