Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy designed by Dr. Marsha Linehan to treat a broad range of complicated symptoms and concerns. Our highly effective DBT treatment program was created to help individuals who struggle with regulating emotions. We offer a systematic, multi-pronged approach in a supportive environment that leads to success. Patients are taught an array of skills to cope with unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. The result is positive changes in daily life with improved relationships, emotion regulation, decision-making and self-esteem. With a cadre of expert DBT-trained therapists, we provide scientifically valid, updated treatments using a team approach to ensure that each patient has an optimal experience. Team members consult weekly with one another so that we can provide compassionate support to our patients as we all work together toward recovery and improvement.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy involves a targeted approach that embodies four main concepts:

  • Mindfulness – Accept unpleasant events and stay in the moment
  • Distress Tolerance – Learn to tolerate emotionally distressful internal events
  • Emotion Regulation – Manage emotions such as fear, anxiety and panic with reduced sensitivity.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness – Gain skills to develop more effective, consistent relationships

Although we follow a structured model, we understand that every patient comes to our center with their own unique life experiences. As such, we adapt our program based on each individual’s needs. In addition, we offer culturally sensitive treatment – with several separate skills groups for men and women. Our therapists use DBT to help patients find a comfortable balance between acceptance and change.

Who Can Benefit

The Center for Anxiety’s DBT Program is ideal for individuals with complex symptoms of anxiety and depression, and those who struggle with emotion regulation and self-harm. The goal is to reduce life-interfering behaviors and improve one’s overall life experience.

DBT therapy is effective for treating a wide range of disorders, including individuals who experience:

  • Significant difficulty regulating emotions, thoughts and behavior
  • Problems with maintaining consistent relationships
  • Anger
  • Chronic suicidal thoughts
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Behavioral impulsivity
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Severe anxiety
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We treat:

  • Adolescents, ages 14-18
  • Young adults, ages 18-25
  • Adults

Skill Training groups are separated by age ranges, and same-gender groups are frequently offered as needed.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy is offered in our confidential private offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Rockland County. Treatment includes a combination of weekly individual therapy sessions, weekly group skill sessions, and telephone coaching so that patients can gain confidence in situations where they experience the most difficulty. This allows patients to practice new skills immediately and establishes the foundation for long-term improvement. Additionally, we offer family sessions for parents or spouses to help them understand the treatment process and offer strategies for supporting their loved one’s recovery.

  1. Weekly skills training group sessions
    These sessions are based on the key elements of DBT including Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Groups offer the opportunity to practice skills in a safe, structured environment with other people. Group sessions run for 90 minutes and a specific set of skills is covered each week. Groups are separated by age, and separate groups are frequently held for men and women.
  2. Weekly individual therapy sessions
    Therapy sessions are scheduled with one of our DBT specialists. These sessions are customized to the needs of each individual, and are intended to enhance motivation and help patients apply skills to their own lives.
  3. Ongoing telephone support
    For individuals who receive individual DBT sessions through our office, we also provide ongoing telephone support. This is a key factor in success, allowing patients to reach out when they are struggling and receive timely direction and support from a compassionate, understanding therapist.
  4. Family and Outside Support
    To further maximize patient care, we provide ongoing outreach and consultation with family members of patients in DBT. Parents, spouses, and loved ones, become familiar with the target skills and learn ways to help their loved ones implement new, more effective behaviors in their natural environment. Family sessions are held, on an as-needed basis, to further sustain patient improvement and recovery.

Our DBT team works closely with referring psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in order to provide continuity of care. A comprehensive course of DBT treatment is usually completed within one year.


Currently, the fees for a DBT Skills Group in Brooklyn and Rockland County run at $80 a session; NYC DBT Groups run at $100 a session. Groups run on six-month intervals and the total cost of participation typically ranges from approximately $1900-$2400, depending on location.

Patients enrolled in our DBT Skills Group must also be seen in individual therapy. DBT Group members may be seen by their own individual therapists outside of the Center for Anxiety. Fees for individual DBT sessions with our clinicians begin at $250 for 50-minute sessions. DBT Senior clinicians are billed at higher rates. There is no additional cost for between-session telephone coaching for individuals who receive individual therapy through our office. All treatment fees are subject to change.


Patients who participate in our DBT program report improved relationships and a greater ability to self-manage difficult emotions. Our team-based, multi-modal approach to care provides the opportunity to work individually with expert DBT therapists to learn and practice important skills introduced in a systematic way, and to have ongoing telephone coaching, when necessary.

Participants are able to better define life goals, build self-respect, and find peace and happiness. Adolescents are able to improve family relationships and find greater success in school and with peer relationships.

You don’t have to suffer any longer – your quality of life CAN be improved. We teach people the skills needed to tolerate pain and manage behavior, with a balanced approach between acceptance and change.

To inquire further about the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program, please call our toll-free number 888-837-7473.

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