Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is unique in the New York area. Designed for patients with complex or severe anxiety (e.g., GAD, panic disorder, social anxiety), OCD, depression, and/or personality disorders who are looking for quick results, our personalized, accelerated treatment program involves 1.5-3 hours of daily individual sessions (no groups) with one or more of our highly skilled therapists. Typical length of stay is 5-10 days, but there is no minimum or maximum.

Our immersive approach to treatment enables patients to experience significant symptom reduction in a short period of time, and return to school, work, or daily life armed with new strategies for successful living.

Who Can Benefit

The Center for Anxiety’s Intensive Outpatient Program is ideal for patients with severe or complex symptoms of anxiety, OCD, depression, and/or personality disorders who are looking to make progress quickly. For patients from outside the metropolitan New York area, this provides a perfect opportunity to dedicate a concentrated period of time toward overcoming anxiety and/or depression. With minimal disruption to daily life, patients can schedule a focused intensive experience to jump-start recovery. Our staff has assisted patients from around the world with this approach. We can also provide recommendations for local accommodations, and support to ease your travel.

In addition, intensive outpatient therapy can be valuable for patients who:

  • Have not responded sufficiently to weekly traditional therapy
  • Need help for severe and complex mental health conditions but do not wish to pursue residential treatment
  • Do do not live in the metropolitan NY area and want to benefit from an immersive approach to therapy
  • Have busy work/travel schedules and find it more convenient to immerse themselves in intensive treatment
  • Have a strong commitment to getting better quickly

In many cases, we have helped patients with severe symptoms to avoid psychiatric hospitalization through our highly focused and careful approach.


Our Intensive Outpatient Program is held in our confidential private offices in either Manhattan or Brooklyn. Treatment includes daily 3-hour individual sessions (no groups) with one or more of our highly trained therapists. Typical length of stay in the program is 5-10 days, though there is no minimum or maximum.

Prior to the program, patients complete a comprehensive initial assessment to determine the optimal treatment plan. Plans are reviewed by senior clinicians, and are designed to account for family, social, economic, cultural, and spiritual/religious needs. Once treatment begins, the plan is assessed on a daily basis by our research team, to ensure the highest level of progress.

Daily sessions are conducted with a therapist trained specifically in the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for severe and complex symptoms. Sessions are scheduled for 3-hours each day (generally with a small break). We utilize the full spectrum of evidence-based therapeutic approaches to best respond to symptoms and diagnoses. Treatment occurs both in our offices and in real-life situations outside the office, so that patients gain confidence in situations where they experience the most anxiety. This allows patients to practice new skills immediately and establishes the foundation for long-term improvement. In addition, we incorporate family members as needed by providing information about the treatment process and offering strategies for supporting the patient throughout the treatment period and beyond.

Our IOP places a priority on coordinating care with the patient’s regular or referring psychiatrist, therapist, and/or other mental health professionals, in order to provide continuity of care. While in the program, our therapists help patients establish a structure for recovery that can be continued after the intensive period with their referring clinicians, or through further sessions in our office, or through distance therapy using HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing software.


Patients who complete our IOP have remarkable results in a short amount of time. They emerge with a sophisticated understanding of their symptoms and needs, and key tools and strategies to continue in their recovery. Our immersive and individualized program allows for accelerated progress, with significant reduction in symptom intensity and a solid foundation for health and wellness.

To inquire further about the Intensive Outpatient Program, please call our toll-free number 888-837-7473.

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