Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology

Update as of 03/01/20: We have filled all slots in our 2020-2021 Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology Program.

The Center for Anxiety offers a one-year doctoral internship in clinical psychology. Our program provides interns with a wide range of outpatient experiences that offer both breadth and depth in evidence-based clinical practice. Our mission is to synergistically combine clinical practice, education, and research to help our patients achieve their goals and lead healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. The aims of our training program are consistent with the guidelines of the American Psychological Association, and place emphasis on establishing and maintaining profession wide competencies, within the realms of both training and clinical practice. The Center for Anxiety’s training program was specifically designed to provide doctoral students in psychology the necessary support and experience to navigate the transition from graduate student to postdoctoral fellow, en route to licensure as a clinical psychologist. To help with this transition, upon successful completion of internship, trainees are automatically offered a second year of training at the postdoctoral level. This novel feature of our program eliminates the added stress of having to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship while on internship, and concerns about potentially having to relocate. Our interns are thus free to fully dedicate themselves to their clinical training and professional development during this critical transition period. While interns are strongly encouraged to complete both years of the training program at the Center for Anxiety, trainees do have the option of completing their postdoctoral training elsewhere.

Our program places an emphasis on practical training within a supportive environment, to facilitate growth as a clinician. As such, we provide interns with an immersive experience that offers both breadth and depth in evidence-based clinical practice in an outpatient setting. Utilizing advanced technology and training equipment, trainees are provided with resources to enhance research, clinical outcomes, and professional development. The Center for Anxiety offers a library of training resources including treatment manuals, books, training presentations, research articles, assessment instruments, and client handouts. Unlike many facilities, we utilize an on-line research-focused assessment tool to gauge progress, screen risk items, and improve treatment success. Clinical outcomes are rigorously evaluated by our on site laboratory through the use of cutting-edge software, to provide real-time feedback to clinicians and patients throughout the treatment process.In addition, interns are encouraged to utilize professional development funds to supplement training in their selected major and/or minor rotation areas.

During the training program, students will gain experience providing a variety of direct clinical services to children, adolescents, and adults in Center for Anxiety’s standard outpatient program. They also have the opportunity to learn about cases needing a higher level of care for more acute problems by providing treatment to patients in our intensive outpatient program (IOP). Trainees are thus provided with broad training in evidence-based psychotherapy with a diverse patient population presenting with a wide range of diagnoses, symptoms, and levels of acuity. As trainees progress, they gain experience in various methods of evidence-based clinical assessment and intervention with gradually more complex and challenging cases that require an increasingly higher level of clinical skills and knowledge. All of these clinical experiences are supported with a rich didactics program, individual supervision, ad hoc consultation with members of our clinical staff, and outside professional development. The Director of Clinical Training is involved in all aspects of the training program in both sites where trainees work (Manhattan office and Brooklyn office).

Applicants must be in the final year of a clinical, counseling, school, or combined psychology doctoral program and must have completed all pre-internship coursework and other academic requirements, including an approved dissertation proposal, prior to the start of the internship year. Applicants from APA- or CPA-approved programs are strongly preferred. No minimum number of clinical hours are required, but applicants must have completed at least two years of supervised externship/practicum experience.

Please click here for a detailed description of our training program.

Qualified applicants should submit the following materials via the AAPI Online Portal:

  1. Completed AAPI application
  2. CV
  3. Cover letter (in your letter, please specify if you are interested in the Manhattan site, the Brooklyn site, or both)
  4. Three letters of recommendation

Additional information about the application and interview process is provided below:

  • For the 2020-2021 Internship training year, Center for Anxiety is accepting applicants in our Manhattan location and in our Brooklyn location. If you would like to be considered for both locations, only one application is required. However, please indicate in your cover letter that you would like to be considered for both sites.
  • Applications for the Internship Program are due on January 6th, 2020
  • The Center for Anxiety – Manhattan’s Match # is 247111
  • The Center for Anxiety – Brooklyn’s Match # is 247112
  • Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis beginning in December and continuing through January
  • Interviews will be held remotely and/or in person based on applicant preference and interviewer availability
  • The Center for Anxiety adheres to all APPIC Match policies and follows all APPIC guidelines pertaining to internship applications, offers, and acceptances.
  • We maintain a policy of equal opportunity and affirmative action.

For general inquiries or information about applying please email our Director of Clinical Training:

Marcia Kimeldorf, PhD
Director of Clinical Training
Telephone: 646-837-5557

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