Financial Fears

Written by David H. Rosmarin

Remember when you were young and used to be afraid of the dark? How did you get over your anxiety about that? Likely, it involved facing the dark. Guess what? That simple analogy is a key to dealing with anxiety. Learning to face one’s anxieties is a terrific way to get over them. Conversely, when a person avoids something because of anxiety, they tend to become more anxious about it (not less)!

Take bills, for example. Everyone has bills to pay, and in this economy doing so can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. If you avoid your fear of bills by procrastinating and putting your bills in a drawer though, only to let the “payment due date” fly by without contributing to the fund, guess what’s going to happen??? Likely your anxiety (as well as your financial difficulties) will just grow. If you’re short on money, it’s always better to face the music. This way you’ll make appropriate arrangements (e.g., curtail spending, ask your credit card issuer for an extension or payment reduction) and the source of anxiety can be vanquished.

If you avoid your fears though, you’re toast.