The Echelon Program

The Echelon Program at Center for Anxiety is a premier service providing a higher level of care for individuals and families who need four or more clinical hours of service per week.

The hallmark of our Echelon Program is coordinated and highly personalized care. Our multidisciplinary clinicians collaborate closely on each case, with dedicated time for team meetings and communications with all healthcare providers, in order to provide an unparalleled service outside of a residential setting.

Our Approach

Each Echelon patient is provided with a hand picked team of our clinicians, including at least one senior member of our staff.  This enables us to closely coordinate care in echelon formation.

The literal meaning of the word echelon is “rung of a ladder.” Our unique process provides clear guidance for patients and families to take the next steps of their journey.

Patients attending our Echelon program include, but are not limited to, public figures and notable leaders. Individuals and their families require a uniquely tailored and highly discrete service with priority scheduling and concierge-level care.

Our Patient Care Managers are ready to assist you in starting your wellness journey.

All Echelon Services Include:

Dedicated Senior Clinicians

At least one senior clinician from our team is directly involved in provision of care for each Echelon patient and overseeing treatment planning.

Coordinated Care

Your Echelon team meets regularly with each other to ensure that care is coordinated and consistent.

Concierge Case Management

All Echelon teams include a case manager to help coordinate our approach with outside healthcare providers, and navigate real-world stressors (e.g applying for jobs, academic programs).

Personal Senior Patient Care Manager

Echelon patients have direct access (phone, email) to a dedicated senior member of our administrative team, in order to coordinate scheduling and billing from the start to end of treatment.

Dedicated Slack Channel

In order to ensure a high level of care, each patient is provided with a dedicated slack channel for their clinical team to communicate in real-time about treatment.

Flexible Scheduling

Echelon patients and families receive priority in scheduling sessions, in order to minimize disruption of our comprehensive approach on day-to-day life.



We offer in person and virtual therapy, at the times convenient to your schedule, allowing you to remain dedicated to treatment and your daily life.

Meet Our Program Directors


David H. Rosmarin,

Marcia Kimeldorf, PhD

Christy Clark, PhD

Rates vary by provider and treatment plan. While insurance is not currently accepted, we are happy to provide any documentation for insurance carrier reimbursement.

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