Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness in the Workplace

At Center for Anxiety, we recognize the importance of prioritizing the emotional wellbeing of employees, executives, and workplace teams. We offer a variety of workshops (half- or full-day), seminars (60-90 minutes), and customized programs that provide tangible takeaways to improve employee wellness in the workplace. We also provide 1:1 consulting to HR managers and executives, in how to increase wellness in the workplace.


Our corporate partners experience increased productivity, employee satisfaction, employee retention, and enhanced corporate culture.


Topics include:

  • Using mindfulness to navigate change and uncertainty
  • Seven skills to manage stress and anxiety
  • Making work-from-home work
  • Managing difficult relationships at work and beyond
  • Wellness and leadership strategies for executives
  • Navigating the current Political Climate and Dealing Effectively with Social Change
  • Conversations and Skills about being part of a Marginalized Population/Inclusiveness in the workplace


We can customize programs for specific company needs. Workshops and seminars can be provided virtually or in-person throughout the United States or Internationally, for any size audience (typically 10-100 employees). To speak with one of our wellness in the workplace experts, please reach out to David Spinka, LCSW at dspinka@centerforanxiety.org