Clinical Outcome Evaluations

Clinical Outcome Evaluations

Unlike many providers, we utilize a research-focused assessment tool to improve treatment success. Clinical outcomes are rigorously evaluated by our on site laboratory through the use of cutting-edge software, to provide real-time feedback to clinicians and patients throughout the treatment process. Most importantly, this brings about the greatest improvement for our patients, allowing our clinicians to adapt and revise treatment protocols when necessary for greater effectiveness.

In order to ensure that all patients receive the most successful, personalized treatment, we utilize a unique, research-focused assessment system that tracks patient progress. This novel approach ensures that we are providing the best possible care, by allowing therapists to monitor a patient’s symptoms through the use of cutting-edge software. Therapists are regularly notified of progress and changes, thereby adapting and revising treatment protocols when necessary for greater effectiveness.
With the help from our colleagues at Psych-Surveys, all patients at the Center for Anxiety complete a short electronic questionnaire prior to each appointment, providing vital information about symptoms and functioning. Results from questionnaires are made available to clinicians and supervisors immediately in real time, so we can make necessary modifications and maximize treatment efficacy. We also regularly assess for risk – should a patient report a severe change in symptoms, an automatic email is sent to the therapist and our patient care coordinator so we can address any issues as early as possible. Results can also be shared with patients themselves so they can see their own progress in treatment.
By taking a research and data driven approach to treatment, we are able to ensure that patients receive the optimal quality of clinical care. In a recent study of our patients, we found that:

By the end of treatment, 97% of patients reported a clinically significant reduction in anxiety.

80% of patients with mild to moderate anxiety experienced normal levels of anxiety within approximately seven sessions.

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