We provide an array of comprehensive evidence-based services for adult patients, including the following:


Treatment begins with a comprehensive 60-minute evaluation, consisting of a structured diagnostic interview, time to speak with the therapist, and treatment planning. Prior to this 60-minute appointment, all incoming patients complete a number of online psychological measures. A representative from the Center for Anxiety will contact each new patient within a week of the completed evaluation to provide the patient with a treatment plan and the opportunity to schedule their next appointment.

Standard Treatment

Standard treatment is personalized within a structured, research-based framework and involves weekly or bi-weekly 45-80-minute sessions that may be conducted in-person, by telephone, or through HIPAA compliant teleconferencing software. Length of treatment can vary but typically spans a period of 5-20 sessions, with follow-up (“booster”) sessions as necessary.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We offer a unique Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in the New York area providing quick results and focused, personalized treatment for adult patients. Located in our private offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Rockland County, this program involves 3-hours of daily individual sessions (no groups) with one or more of our highly skilled therapists. Typical length of stay is 5-10 days, but there is no minimum or maximum. Our IOP is ideal for patients with complex or severe anxiety (e.g., panic disorder, social anxiety), OCD, depression, and/or personality disorders, and also for out-of-town patients who come to us from across the United States, Canada, and around the world.

One-Day Treatment

Primarily used in the treatment of specific phobias, our one-day treatment involves 3-6 hours of intensive exposure therapy conducted over the course of a single day. This approach is surprisingly and remarkably effective, and has lasting therapeutic benefits. Click here for a video about this form of treatment.

Family Consultation

Family consultations involve meetings to help individuals who need guidance in dealing with others in their family who are experiencing mental distress. This service can be particularly helpful when family members are refusing to engage in or comply with treatment. During family consultations, our clinicians assess for systems-level factors that contribute to the onset and maintenance of symptoms, and provide recommendations based on the principles of evidence-based psychotherapy. This unique service can be provided in-person or via telephone/teleconference and scheduling is flexible to accommodate family needs (e.g., weekends, evenings).

Marriage Therapy and Couples Therapy

Our positive approach to marriage and couples therapy provides couples with effective skills to navigate and resolve conflicts, reduce strain, and rekindle love and connection with one another. Treatment commences with a thorough assessment involving an initial joint couple’s session (90 minutes) followed by individual meetings with each party separately. Subsequently, joint couple sessions (60 minutes) are held on a regular basis, with individual sessions per required need. Duration of treatment varies depending on the nature and severity of discord, but typically regular sessions are required for no longer than six months.

Medication Tapering

Many patients experiencing mental health symptoms often seek medication from a psychiatrist, or are referred to one by their general physician. Medications can be extremely helpful in reducing symptoms in many cases, but there are many reasons why a patient may need or want to reduce their medication doses, the number of medications they are taking, or to stop taking medications altogether. Medication tapering involves providing the patient with alternate coping styles and specific skills to treat the symptoms while gradually reducing medication dose to a more bearable amount, or so that the patient can wean off completely. Medication tapering is carried out in conjunction with the patient’s prescribing physician.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

We offer a full-service Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program in our Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Rockland County locations. The program involves a multimodal approach and consists of (1) a 90-minute weekly skills groups, that that target skills for effective living; (2) weekly sessions of individual therapy to enhance motivation and change; and (3) between-session telephone coaching to help patients utilize skills in real-time. We also provide ongoing family and outside support in order to maximize patient success. Our DBT program is ideal for patients who are struggling with daily life and can benefit from a more structured and targeted approach to problems of daily living.

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