Wellness in the

Prioritizing the emotional wellbeing of employees, executives, and
workplace teams.

About Wellness Programs at Center for Anxiety

At Center for Anxiety, we recognize the importance of prioritizing the emotional wellbeing of employees, executives, and workplace teams. We offer a variety of workshops (half- or full-day), seminars (60-90 minutes), and customized programs that provide tangible takeaways to improve employee wellness in the workplace. We also provide 1:1 consulting to HR managers and executives, in how to increase wellness in the workplace.

 Our corporate partners experience increased productivity, employee satisfaction, employee retention, and enhanced corporate culture.

Workshop Topics Include

return to work

Using mindfulness to navigate change
and uncertainty

Skills to prevent and manage burnout

Skills to achieve work
life balance
Managing difficult relationships at work
and beyond

Wellness and leadership strategies for HR managers and executives

Key Workshop Objectives


Providing hands-on skills employees can use on their own

Wellness tips for employees and leaders


Increased Employee Productivity


Our Teams are located in New York, Boston, and Princeton.

Additionally we can provide virtual workshops and travel upon request.

To reach us via email, please contact us at [email protected]

Interested in working with us? Speak with a dedicated workplace wellness associate.