Treatment for Couples

& Families

Couples and Family Therapy is a specific type of therapy that can be beneficial in exploring the root causes of conflict between two or more people. This type of therapy also focuses on improving communication skills so relationships can heal and grow.

Uniquely, we service many couples/families in which one or more individuals are struggling with significant symptoms of a mental disorder; treatment may therefore involve multiple clinicians delivering both individual psychotherapy, as well as couples/family therapy.

Primary goals of our Couples/Family Therapy Program include:

Disarming conflicting verbal communications

Increasing affection, respect and intimacy

Addressing factors that create a sense of stagnation

Creating a heightened sense of empathy and understanding

As with all our treatments, our Couples/Family Therapy services tend to be brief, and solution-focused, with specific attainable goals. Our experienced and dedicated team can help you repair and strengthen romantic and familiar bonds that have been impacted over time.

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How Our Process Works


The process begins with a comprehensive 80-minute evaluation, consisting of a structured diagnostic interview, and time to speak with couples/families together and separately.

Therapist Matching

Evaluations are then carefully reviewed with senior clinicians and within a week of the completed evaluation, couples/families will be provided a treatment plan and the opportunity to schedule their first therapy session.

Scheduling & Sessions

Couples/Families can expect at least one weekly, 50 minute session that may be conducted in-person, by telephone, or through a HIPAA compliant teleconferencing software. Length of treatment can vary but typically spans a period of 8-12 sessions, with follow-up sessions as necessary.

“My purpose for serving couples and families stems from understanding humans are social, so our relationships and mental wellness are intertwined. Reaching relational wellness has a direct impact on our psychological and emotional wellness, and it is possible to achieve.”

Noah Hercky, Director of Couples and Family Therapy Program

Some of Our Approaches To Treatment*

Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is a form of couplestherapy that is research based and grounded in Sound Relationship House theory, aiming to help couples navigate conflict and the emotions they express.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a form of short-term therapy that aims to improve couples relationships and primarily focuses on adult relationships as well as attachment and bonding.

Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy (ESFT)

ESFT is a treatment for children and families experiencing behavioral or relational challenges and is based on the theory that change in family structure contributes to change in the behavior of individual members.

*Approaches to treatment are based on clinical evaluation and may include specific therapies not listed. Treatments are not limited to these examples.

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